17 outubro 2009


Self-portrait/auto-retrato, originally uploaded by aurileide.
This one I did during a period taking painting classes with Gilberto Andrade. We all were going through inner exercises, trying to draw and paint ourselves from every single way. Because of my passion for red, almost every single one I did was blooded. By the way, yes, I was blond then.
Nowadays, the original is not with me anymore. Gave it as a gift to an adorable professor and inspiring friend, João Alfredo de Sá Pessoa. A portuguese and Art History teacher who always encouraged me to do such pieces. He made me believe I could do such nice things like this. And I miss him.

Este aqui foi feito durante as aulas de pintura, na Faculdade, em 2006, com Gilberto Andrade. Estávamos todos fazendo exercícios de introspecção, buscando nos desenhar e pintar. Por conta da minha paixão pelo vermelho, quase todos os meus exercícios sairam sangrentos. Sim, estava loiríssima na época.
O original hoje pertence a um grande amigo e professor de História da Arte, o português João Alfredo de Sá Pessoa. Um grande estimulador e apreciador de coisas que fazia e responsável por grande parte de minhas pinturas. Sempre encorajando, ele me fazia acreditar que eu podia fazer. Saudades dele!

6 comentários:

Alex disse...

I love the colors! :) And the artistic strokes are very inspiring too. Great job!

Dan Kent disse...

Modigliani-ish, Fauvish, you got many art movements going on at once here. I like the way the portrait slants across the canvas, the minimal accents, the bright colors and those haunting eyes. Nicely done.

Aurileide Alves disse...

Yes! Dan! You got it right! It was a time when Modigliani was all over my head and everything I´ve painted was looking like his stuff. My husband, myself, some other people who posed to me they all got these looks. Thank you for you lovely words.

Anônimo disse...

It all works so well together.

Andre disse...

Valeu auri....bonitas cores mesmo..

Doug disse...

A very interesting portrait.
Those reds...that angle, but above all, those eyes- that "window to the soul."

Sounds like your professor's gift of 'inner work' provided the bridge from 'out there' to the 'inside', and vice versa
which made all the difference.

I can imagine how touched/thrilled he was when you presented him with your gift as well.