13 novembro 2009

EDM 28: An appliance or anything else I like / Qualquer coisa que eu goste

When going out to buy groceries with my husband the crackers always make me stand and have a longer look at them. I can even imagine how good it would be to chew them while drinking a nice hot coffee.

Quando vou fazer feira com meu marido, as crackers sempre me fazem parar e ficar imaginando como seria bom mastigá-las com um delicioso café bem quente.

3 comentários:

teri disse...

I love the watercolor background here, and the sketch is lovely!

Aurileide Alves disse...

Thank you Teri. Aren´t these delicious?

Ramona Davidson disse...

Beautiful use of color. The picture though of simple things grabs you with the color. Lovely.